We add value to your Business


– We cover the entire process of Business founding in Greece

– We keep your accounting books for all tax entities either at your premises office – anywhere it may be, or at the offices of JDO.

– We provide robust Organization and Supervision Services for your accounting department, with local presence of our Team, and we prepare and publish the Financial Statements

– We represent you in all public services and we undertake processing of Tax Audit, Business Interruption and Clearing Operations.

– We analyze at a monthly basis the financial progress of each client separately and we have the methodology to provide you with live forecast of fiscal results so that you stay constantly informed about new developments in the sector in which your company operates

– We carry out all payroll staff needs in harmony with the Labor Legislation


We add value to each Individualjdo_consulting4

– We cover all tax and accounting needs a citizen may have

– We update you at a regular basis for any fiscal changes may affect you and your family

– We submit robust applications for any kind of subsidies or allowances

– We manage the whole process for Foreign Residents in Greece, taking all necessary actions to avoid Double Taxation